Buying A BBQ

Barbecues are an Australian way of life, yes I know other countries BBQ ..... but we would like to think we invented it and have the corner on the BBQ, after all didn't a famous Australian invent the 'shrimp on the barbie' saying.

Barbecuing can be done in pretty much any fashion from a few besser blocks thrown together with some sort of plate to a whole outdoor kitchen and everything in between.  But what makes a 'good' barbecue today with so many makes, models, styles on the market....well....lets consider some important points - not necessarily in order.

  • What sort of budget are you looking at - this is one of the first things we notice when people come in looking for a BBQ that they have in mind a budget which is a good thing.  Try to have your budget at a reasonable level and do not let the sales person keep taking you to BBQ's that are higher than you are ever able to or going to spend, your BBQ purchase is supposed to enjoyable, not create a life long debt


  • Learning how to cook a great meal on a BBQ is a learning curve but practice and patience will have you delighting yourself, friends and family. Todays barbecues are a whole new cooking experience which help you to cook up a simple sausage to a whole feast of delights.


  • Quality - a good quality BBQ will feel solid in it's construction, if the BBQ is flimsy in the shop just think how it will feel once it get into the real world on uneven surfaces, in breezy conditions.


  • What sort of BBQ cooking do you want to do
    • cook for the local football team - you may only want a flat hot plate type bbq to cook the basics on.
    • cook  for camping, fishing trips, picnics - what sort of food do you cook and how do you like it (I had a customer the other day who hates lines on her steaks so open grill type cooking is not for her, a flat plate would do the job nicely).  Fish usually needs to be handled gently so a bbq that has room for a fish carrier or a flat top bbq might be best
    • catering for a 2 person family - no point in buying a great big 6 burner only to use a small area of it