Pensioner Discounts

Cheaper gas for our Pensioners

Whilst away from Warwick local Di Smith from Downs Heating, Cooling & Outdoors used her iPhone to keep up to date with what was happening within our local community via Warwick Daily News.

On 27th March the small business manager read with sadness an article titled ‘Seniors shut of power due to money woes’ and was shocked to think that our own older community had to resort to this.

“I feel very strongly about our aged community, these are the people who probably feel the cold the most, they have contributed and still do to our country and community, they are a hive of information, experience and knowledge, they provide family support to younger family members, they volunteer within community service groups and the list goes” says Di.

“Whilst I no longer have grandparents alive I do have an Aunty and Uncle who belong to this age group and they are traditional ‘great aussie battlers’ who I so admire and respect.  The thought that they would have to stay in bed all day to keep warm or cut back on basic essentials such as electricity and food horrifies me”.

As a local business Downs Heating, Cooling & Outdoors would like to in some small way help our valuable aged community if possible.  Whilst we cannot do anything about electricity we do want to provide support and discounts for gas customers where we can.

How do we plan to do this?

  • By providing a $10 per 45kg cylinder discount to Aged Pensioner, Widow Allowance & Veterans Affairs benefit receivers
  • Customers need to come into the shop with poof of eligibility and register so we can make sure you get your discount, it’s an easy no fuss registration process so come on in.

Downs Heating Cooling & Outdoors offers our customers discounts, for those who are able to pick up their own 45kg gas cylinders from our shop we offer a $10.00 per cylinder discount.  With our pensioner discount plan all offers can be combined giving up to $20.00 off per cylinder, but even those that cannot pick up, $10.00 off per cylinder is still a great saving.

If we find our pensioner discount system is working we will look at other ways to assist those in need in our community , at this stage we really need to get our aged pensioners on board before the worst of the winter comes.  Please, please come in and register as we really do want to help where we can.

Di urges other local businesses to jump in and see where they can help – come on guys these are our friends, families, next door neighbours, if we all contribute something, anything,  no matter how big or small it can only benefit Warwick as a community and show our older population they are appreciated and that we all care.