Wood Heater - Door Gasket Seal Guide

Whilst not complete we have tried to provide a guide to help you decide what door rope gasket seal you need for your wood fire heater.

Our door rope seals comes in 2 metre packs which is sufficient for most heaters, don't forget to order glue if required

Eureka Woodheating 

  • 19mm - all Eureka woodheater models

Jindara Woodheating

  • 19mm - all Jindara woodheater models

Regency Woodheating

  • 16mm                                                                19mm
    • Regency Albany                                                  Regency Alterra
    • Regency Bellerive                                               Regency Berwick
    • Regency Gosford                                                Regency Cardinia
    • Regency Hume                                                    Regency Renmark
    • Regency Montrose                                              Regency Narrabri

All information provided is intended as a guide only and we are not responsible for any changes manufacturers have made over time.