Hot Water FAQ

 On this page we hope to answer some of the questions we are often asked about hot water

Often the easiest option most people take is to replace what they have currently have with the same, lets face it, no one chooses to be out of hot water any longer than is absolutely necessary.

You need to consider what will work best for your particular situation

What fuel sources at what cost are available to you?

  • Natural Gas (NG)
  • LPG (bottled gas)
  • Electricity
  • Solar

Do you want/need/prefer

  • storage hot water system - gas or electric
  • continuous flow - (constant, instant, instantaneous - known by many different names) - gas.  Available with either electronic or battery ignition
  • Solar with gas boost or electric boost
  • Heat pump - electric


Currently we sell


What is the difference between temperature settings of gas continuous flow hot water systems?

  • Australian law means hot water installers are not allowed to install any hot water appliance which will deliver higher than 50 degree water to bathrooms, therefore most people purchasing a new Gas Hot Water system will choose a 50 degree preset system.  Others who find that 50 degrees does not suit their requirements for kitchen or laundry use will prefer to purchase a high temperature system, this will require your hot water installer to fit a tempering valves/s which will allow up to 60 degree water in laundries and kitchens yet limit the bathroom/s to 50 degree maximum.  The fitting of a temperature controller does not take the place of a tempering valve.  As we do not sell tempering valves, for pricing please contact your preferred installer of your new gas hot water system.

We sell both 50 and 60 degree temperature setting units. our continuous flow gas hot water systems are available as LPG or Natural Gas units

Why should I have controllers on my gas hot water unit?
Controllers are a great way to save water, gas and provide safety features when using your gas hot water system.

  • Save on your gas bill - water controllers give you the ability to set a specific temperature on your tankless hot water system which means you only heat the water to the temperature you require - that's right, no heating water to maximum temperature only to cool the water back down to the temperature you find comfortable for showering and bathing
  • Safety - babies, young or elderly are particularly prone to scalding by hot water even at 50 degrees.  By presetting the water temperature with the correct digital Rinnai or Bosch water controller will allow you to set the water temperature to a safe and comfortable level protecting those you love. Remember though that controllers do not take the place of a tempering valve if you are installing a high temperature unit.

Why does my instant gas hot water run hot and cold?

  • Instant gas hot water units require a reasonable water flow rate, any less than this will play havoc with your machine resulting in hot and cold water fluctuations which will have you diving in and out and not enjoying your shower at all.  The most common cause of this is flow restrictors in shower heads, using Rinnai water controllers may mean you will not find this problem as severe.
  • If you are using a pressure pump as many of us do in regional areas with tank water then you would be best served by a continuous flow pressure pump.
  • Is your constant flow hot water system being gravity fed, make sure your hot water unit is compatable with lower flow requirements, some units need more water coming in to them than others.
  • On a number of occasions we have come across people who only 'crack' the hot water tap slightly on, this restricts the flow and the ability of the tankless hot water unit to sense temperature requirements

It takes to long for my hot water to come through, why?

  • The water in your pipes is cold water, when you turn your hot water tap on all this water must be purged before hot water will filter through to the tap.  We suggest you have the hot water unit positioned nearest the kitchen where possible as this is usually the most frequently used hot water tap and where you need the hot water the fastest.

Why is my hot water not hot in the kitchen?

  • If you are used to an electric hot water unit and change over to another type you may notice your hot water is 'not as hot as it used to be'.  As a safety precaution Australian regulations now allow hot water no hotter than 50° in bathrooms.  Our tankless gas series hot water systems are available as either preset 50 degree or 60 degree temperature settings.  If you tend to have a lot of greasy dishes you may find that a 60° hot water system is more suited to your requirements, but your plumber/gas fitter will be obliged to fit a tempering valve to restrict the bathroom hot water temperature to 50º.


 New installations of solar, heat pump or electric hot water systems have the same temperature rules

This information is provided as advice only and you should consult your plumber/gas fitter for professional and specific information suited to your needs.