Rinnai G Series Air Conditioning


Confused by all the features and benefits of the Rinnai G Series, well let me try and make it simpler.

  • Design

One of the features which sets the Rinnai G Series apart is design.  With it's sleek, compact and modern profile the Rinnai air conditioner suits most homes, being compact in design it doesn't take the focus of your home and decor away.

  • Wi-Fi Control

All models in the Rinnai G Series of reverse cycle air conditioners are pre installed with Wi-Fi control as standard.

Simply activate the Wi-Fi terminal using the remote control, download the app via Google Play or iTunes and you are in complete control of your room temperature via your smartphone, tablet and other mobile technologies even when you are not at home, in fact your are in complete control from anywhere in the world.

Basic functions like on/off, temperature up/down and fan speed can be controlled through the app.  There is also added functionality such as a 7 day programmable timer which will allow you to pre-set the unit to turn on or off on a 7 day program cycle according to what you want.

  • Demand Response Enabled Device

The Rinnai G Series inverter reverse cycle air conditioner is fitted with demand response capability which helps to reduce overall power consumption at critical peak load time

  • Quiet Operation

Simply put, we really do not want to hear the air conditioner blowing, all we want is warm or cool air.  The Rinnai G Series is designed to keep noise levels to a minimum without effecting the performance of the unit, this is achieved via the cleverly designed air tunnel optimised to deliver better air distribution.  Relax and enjoy your climate controlled area with peace and quiet.

  • 3D Airflow

Sounds like something out of a movie right!  Well no, it just means the air blades can be controlled to swing both horizontally and vertically, this allows for maximum airflow to cool every corner of the room and be directed where you need it most.

  • Multiple Fan Speeds

Your Rinnai G Series is has multiple fan speeds which means it can operate in 'Turbo' mode allowing the room to reach the set temperature rapidly within a shorter period of time.  It also has the option to operate in 'Quiet' mode once the room has reached the set temperature - perfect for bedrooms for us light sleepers.

  • Sleep Mode

Talking about sleeping - Rinnai G Series reverse cycle air conditioners have a really awesome way to control the temperatures overnight.  Traditional sleep mode in air conditioners is a one way function, Rinnai uses a two way temperature control function that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperature.  With an awareness around energy efficiency this method of sleep  mode allows greater control of set temperature to increase user comfort and reduce environmental impact.

  • Set Temperature Display

The indoor header unit features a translucent temperature display that projects through the front panel only when the unit is turned on.  Saves on power and a really handy feature again for the bedroom, no more irritating glowing light when the air conditioner is not being used.

  • Timer

The air conditioner remote control has a delay On/Off  timer which allows you to select a period of time (30 minutes - 24 hours) and the unit will turn either on or off depending upon it's current status.  Operating the unit using the app - enjoy the full 7 day programmable timer function

  • LCD Wireless Remote Control

All models in the Rinnai G Series are supplied with a wireless remote control that features both simple and advanced operation functions.  Who doesn't want a simple and easy to use remote control?

  • Fresh Function

What is 'Fresh Function", funny that was my reaction too!  To keep the indoor (head) unit free of excess moisture (particularly through Australian high humidity summers) the fresh function will run a 3 minute cleaning cycle every time the unit is turned off.  This can help to extend the life of the unit whilst ensuring optimal performance.

  • Self Cleaning Function

The 'Clean' function is an end of season cleaning process to dry the inside unit if it is not going to be used for an extended period of time between seasons.  This will help to avoid unwanted odours when using the air conditioner again and takes the hassle out of cleaning the system ensuring it is free from mould, bacteria and dust.  Please note this does not take away the need for your air conditioner to be serviced by a suitably qualified person to ensure safe and economical operation.

  • Inverter Technology

The Rinnai G Series has been developed using up to date inverter technology.  traditional air conditioners also know as fixed speed air conditioners aim to maintain the temperature by cycling the unit on and of.  This on/off can create fluctuations in temperature and is not very power efficient.

An inverter system modulates the air conditioners compressor speed up and down, this helps the unit to maintain a constant and consistent temperature which assists in keeping energy costs down - yay!!

  • Low Ambient Heating & High Ambient Cooling

The Rinnai G Series reverse cycle inverter air conditioning units will continue to perform reliably even in extreme weather.  Rinnai air conditioners can work in temperatures as low as -12 degrees Celsius and as high as a whopping 47 degrees Celsius, an essential requirement for our harsh and varied temperature Australian conditions.

  • Long Distance Air Supply

Compared with many other air conditioning models on the market the Rinnai G Series stacks up very well when it comes to air supply distances of up to 15 metres

  • Self Diagnosis Function

Isn't it nice to finally find a company that says 'hey things shouldn't go wrong and rarely do' instead of dodging around the subject (this attitude is what has helped to keep us as a loyal Rinnai product stockist).

In the unlikely event that there is abnormal operation or parts failure the system will shut down automatically, determine what is at fault and display an error code on the indoor unit.  Ultimately this will create a quicker service response time, gives us some heads up diagnosing the problem and ensures your Rinnai G Series is back up and running sooner.

  • Intelligent Defrosting

It is well known that when outside temperatures fall below freezing the outside air conditioning compressor runs the risk of freezing reducing performance.  The Rinnai G Series will run it's inbuilt anti frost mode and ensure high performance heating for your space.

  • Components

All Rinnai G Series models feature high quality componentry with well thought out design principles.

The outdoor compressor unit is equipped it blue fin condenser technology to provide protection from salty air and rain, the compressor features one integrated PCB for the control system creating higher levels of reliability.

The indoor header unit has a sleek and bright finish having come through the Rinnai quality control system.