Wood Heater Chimney Cleaning

Here at Downs Heating, Gas & Outdoors we not only sell wood burning heaters but we also provide a chimney flue cleaning service.

Did you know that unmaintained wood fire flues are among the major causes of house fires in Australia during our winter season. 

When your wood heater is burning a byproduct called creosote is given off from the wood, this resin can build up in the flue over time and allow the flue to catch fire.

Industry experts The Australian Home Heating Association recommend your wood heater should be serviced and the flue cleaned once a year, that's where we come in.

Our experienced team not only install wood burners but we also service and help you maintain them.

Our 2022 Chimney Clean Pricing

                                                            Warwick Town        Out Of Town (Check with us for areas we come too)

  • Single Storey                              $177.50                    $209.00
  • Double Storey                            $203.75                    $235.25
  • Open Fireplace                          $209.00                    $240.50
    • (single storey brick chimney)
  • Combustion Stove                     $282.50                    $314.00
We include our written 5 page condition report


Now, it may look expensive and we know there are others out there doing ''Çhimney Cleans' cheaper but do they

  • Have the expertise of over 40 years selling and installing wood heaters
  • Not just clean the flue but service the wood heater
  • Have in stock spare parts for most heaters
  • Provide a comprehensive 5 page report on your wood heater, flue, surrounding roof all of which documents that you have maintained your wood heater
  • Check
    • Door seals
    • Glass seals
    • Adjust and lubricate as required airslides and door handles
    • Clean and check fans where fitted
    • Check and document the inside of the wood heater for damage including the firebox itself
    • Check the flue is firm and safe to use
    • Clean the flue - doh, that goes without saying!
    • Check the weather cowl is firm
    • Check the surrounding roof condition
    • Sign off that the heater and flue is fit for service, your insurance company will love you.

When you compare what we do it suddenly seems to be a pretty good deal.

Oh and yes, if you have your heater maintained annually by us we also give you a generous discount the next year, just ask to be put on our email reminder list.

Call our team at the shop on 4661 4788 and book in, better be safe than sorry.

We have a huge range of wood heater spare parts and we are members of The Australian Home Heating Association.