Buying A Hot Water System

Hot Water is a specialised product.
We recommend and sell Rinnai & Bosch hot water products.
Our long term relationships with Rinnai & Bosch enables us to buy cost effectively and pass those saving on to our customers.

With so many product choices available today, customers need to ensure they are getting a hot water system that suits their lifestyle and requirements.


Hot water has come a long way, no longer do we need to keep hot water heated all day, paying for what we don't use.  These days we only heat the amount of water we need, as we need it, by using  instantaneous (continuous flow) gas hot water.

Having a Rinnai gas continuous flow or Bosch Highflow system means you only pay for what you use, you can have hot water no matter how many people shower or bathe. Ahhh - just think, a luxurious. deliciously warm, relaxing hot bath with no concerns of running out of hot water - how perfect is life!!

As a specialist retailer of hot water products we are able to provide advice to assist you make the best possible choice for your needs and the difference with us is that - WE CARE!!

Hot water done right is an absolute pleasure, done wrong - you will be reminded every single day and by every member of the family.

Being an experienced hot water reseller we only sell  systems which are factory fitted with anti-frost protection.

We have the right gas hot water system to suit most applications, including domestic and commercial units.

Please ask our team to provide advice for your next hot water solution.
We are here to help, for us it's not all about sales.

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