Caring For Your Swag

We are often asked ‘How do I care for my swag’, it's pretty easy really.


●When packing your swag make sure it is dry, sounds simple right.  Often we are packing up the swag in the morning when it may be damp from overnight dew or a light rain shower or even natural ground moisture may mean our swag still carries some moisture. If this is the case then only pack it loosely and at the first opportunity air it out until properly dry before packing away properly for transport

●Shake out any sand or dirt from inside your swag, this will not only make your swag more comfortable but keep it clean and preserve the inside. Any leaves, dirt, grass left inside has the potential for moisture to grow mould or mildew causing damage to your swag

●If your swag shows any sign of mildew or mould then treat that area with a mild (10:1) bleach solution.  Brush gently with a stiff brush to remove the offending mould

●Store your swag loosely rolled (flat is even better) when not being transported. Over tight rolled swags have the ability to compress your mattress which will decrease mattress life and your comfort.

●When rolling your swag try to roll from foot to head. Many swag mattresses are designed with less dense foam at the foot end.  If you roll from foot to head then most compression takes place at the foot end of the swag rather than the head/shoulder end which is where you need the most comfort.

●Areas where stitching occurs such as straps, seams and peg loops have the potential for minor leaking, check and treat these areas periodically with a waterproofing spray or liquid if you experience this.


Look after your swag and you will get many years of reliable use out of your investment.