Door Glass Retainer - Kent, Maxiheat & Norseman

445mm x 265mm

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This wood heater door glass retainer suits the following Kent, Maxiheat and Norseman wood heater models

Kent Wood Heaters

  • Kent Classic 1200 wood heater model numbers
    • KTC1296, KTC1297, KTC1298
  • Kent Classic 2500 wood heater model numbers
    • KTC296, KTCE298
  • Kent Classic Country Charm wood heater model numbers
    • KTC293
  • Kent Country Classic wood heater model numbers
    • KTCC00, KTCC01, KTCC02, KTCC07, KTCC09, KTCC96, KTCC97, KTCC98, KTCC99
  • Kent Country Flame wood heater model numbers
    • KTCF00, KTCF99
  • Kent Compact wood heater model numbers
    • KTCP00, KTCP01, KTCP02, KTCP07, KTCP09, KTCP96, KTCP97, KTCP98, KTCP99
  • Kent Classic Inbuilt wood heater model numbers
    • KTIN96, KTIN97, KTIN98
  • Kent Jindabyne wood heater model numbers
    • KTJB00, KTJB01, KTJB02, KTJB96, KTJB97, KTJB98, KTJB99, KTJB07, KTJB09
  • Kent Somerset wood heater model numbers
    • KTSM00, KTSM01, KTSM02, KTSM07, KTSM09, KTSM99, KTSMLE00

Norseman Wood Heaters

  • Norseman Crestwood wood heater models
    • GHCW00, GHCW01, GHCW02, GHCW07, GHCW96, GHCW97, GHCW98, GHCW99
  • Norseman Forester wood heater models
    • GHF92, GHF93, GHF94, GHF95 also require Keeper Plate to hold the retainer in place
    • GHF00, GHF01, GHF02, GHF96, GHF97, GHF98, GHF99, GHF07, GHF09, GHF16
  • Norseman Legend wood heater model numbers
    • GHLE00, GHLE01, GHLE02, GHLE07, GHLE97, GHLE96, GHLE98, GHLE99, GHLE09,GHLE16,
  • Norseman Legend slimline wood heater models
    • GHLE98, GHLES98
  • Norseman Lumberjack wood heater models
    • GHLJ00, GHLJ01, GHLJ02, GHLJ07, GHLJ09, GHLJ96, GHLJ97, GHLJ98, GHLJ99
  • Norseman Longreach wood heater models
    • GHLR00, GHLR99
  • Norseman Tile Fire wood heater models
    • GHNT00, GHNT01, GHNT02, GHNT96, GHNT97, GHNT98, GHNT07
  • Norseman Nevada wood heater models
    • GHNV00, GHNV01, GHNV02, GHNV96, GHNV97, GHNV98, GHNV99, GHNV07, GHNV09, GHNV15, GHNVE00, GHNVE01, GHNV02, GHNVE07
  • Norseman Oakwood wood heater models
  • Norseman Oakwood Slimline wood heater models
    • GHOS97, GHOSE98, GHOSE99,

Maxiheat Wood Heaters

  • Maxiheat Inbuilt wood heater models
    • MHIN98
  • Maxiheat Logger wood heater models
    • MHL00, MHL02, MHL97, MHL98
  • Maxiheat Manor wood heater models
    • MHMR00, MHMR98, MHMR99


The door glass retainer measures 445mm x 265mm

At the same time you are replacing the door glass retainer it is the ideal opportunity to replace the door glass tape and the (15mm) door seal, you will also require a bottle of our high temperature glue to keep the door rope seal in place.

This is an original part

The measurement of the glass that will fit into this retainer frame is 415mm x 235mm.


Brand Original
Shipping Weight 0.9000kg
Shipping Width 0.300m
Shipping Height 0.050m
Shipping Length 0.510m
Shipping Cubic 0.007650000m3
Warranty 12 month manufacturer warranty

Door Glass Retainer

30 June 2020
This Glass Door Retainer was exactly what I needed to fix my wood heater. Service was also very excellent, helpful on the phone, made the extra effort and received the item in 2 days.

Downs Heating Response
Aw, thanks for a lovely review. So glad you had a good experience.

Door glass retainer

2 August 2019
Great service and advice

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