Baffle Bracket Bolt Pack - Kent, Maxiheat & Norseman

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This chamber bracket bolt set of 4 suits the following Kent, Maxiheat & Norseman wood fire heaters

Kent Wood Heaters

  • Kent Classic 1200
    • KTC1296, KTC1297, KTC1298
  • Kent Classic 3200
    • KTC395, KTC396
  • Kent Country Classic
    • KTCC96, KTCC97, KTCC98, KTCC99, KTCC00, KTCC01, KTCC02, KTCC07, KTCC09
  • Kent Country Flame
    • KTCF99, KTCF00
  • Kent Compact
    • KTCP96, KTCP97, KTCP98, KTCP99, KTCP00, KTCP01, KTCP02, KTCP07, KTCP09
  • Kent Inbuilt 3000
    • KTIN394, KTIN395
  • Kent Jindabyne
    • KTJB92, KTJB96, KTJB97, KTJB98, KTJB99, KTJB00, KTJB01, KTJB02, KTJB07, KTJB09
  • Kent Somerset
    • KTSM99,KTSM00. KTSM01, KTSM02, KTSM07, KTSM09


  • Maxiheat Inbuilt
    • MHIN98
  • Maxiheat Logger
    • MHL86, MHL87, MHL88, MHL89, MHL90, MHL91, MHL92, MHL97, MHL98, MHL00, MHL02
  • Maxiheat Manor
    • MHMR92, MHMR98, MHMR99, MHMR00


  • Norseman Crestwood
    • GHCW93, GHCW94, GHCW95, GHCW96, GHCW97, GHCW98, GHCW99, GHCW00, GHCW01, GHCW02, GHCW07
  • Norseman Forester
    • GHF91, GHF92, GHF93, GHF94, GHF95, GHF96, GHF97, GHF98, GHF99GHF00, GHF01, GHF02, GHF07, GHF09, GHF16
  • Norseman Legend
    • GHLE96, GHLE97, GHLE98, GHLE99, GHLE00, GHLE01, GHLE02, GHLE07, GHLE09, GHLE16
  • Norseman Legend Slimline
    • GHLES98
  • Norseman Lumberjack
    • GHLJ86, GHLJ87, GHLJ88, GHLJ99, GHLJ90, GHLJ91, GHLJ92, GHLJ93, GHLJ94, GHLJ95, GHLJ96, GHLJ97, GHLJ98, GHLJ99, GHLJ00, GHLJ01, GHLJ2, GHLJ07, GHLJ09
  • Norseman Longreach
    • GHLR99, GHLR00
  • Norseman Tilefire
    • GHNT95, GHNT96, GHNT97, GHNT98, GHNT00, GHNT01, GHNT02, GHNT07
  • Norseman Nevada
    • GHNV92, GHNV93, GHNV94, GHNV95, GHNV96, GHNV97, GHNV98, GHNV99, GHNV00, GHNV01, GHNV02, GHNV07, GHNV09, GHNV15, GHNVE00, GHNVE01, GHNVE02, GHNVE07
  • Norseman Oakwood
  • Norseman Oakwood Slimline
    • GHOS93, GHOS94, GHOS95, GHOS97, GHOSE98, GHOSE99
  • Norseman Senator Inbuilt
    • GHSI94, GHSI95, GHSI97, GHSI98, GHSI99, GHSI00
  • Norseman Slimline
    • GHSL87, GHSL88, GHSL89, GHSL90, GHSL91, GHSL92, GHSL93, GHSL94
  • Norseman Sierra
    • GHSR94, GHSR95, GHSR96, GHSR97, GHSR98, GHSR99, GHSR00, GHSR01, GHSR02

These are original Kent, Norseman and Maxiheat bolts and come as a set of 4 bolts and nuts per pack


SKU HS-110
Brand Original
Shipping Weight 0.0250kg
Shipping Width 0.110m
Shipping Height 0.172m
Shipping Length 0.090m
Shipping Cubic 0.001702800m3
Warranty 12 month manufacturer warranty

downs delivers

15 July 2018
I have and old norseman and the bolts failed and downsheating to the rescue. could not buy these high tensile bolts elsewhere

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